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General FAQs

Smart Mediator is an authorized mobile-app platform tailored to offer you protection from online scams when buying or selling. This can be for dealings on classified websites, social media channels or even in-person.

Smart Mediator holds and reserves the purchase amount from the buyer. Only releasing it to the seller once the deal has been completed as per the agreed T & C. To get a clearer picture of how the process works, watch the video *link*Smart Mediator holds and reserves the purchase amount from the buyer. Only releasing it to the seller once the deal has been completed as per the agreed T & C. To get a clearer picture of how the process works, watch the video *link*

Buyer: Any individual purchasing commodities from a seller. Seller: An individual registered on the Smart Mediator platform, who carries out P2P commerce to sell his goods or services.

Yes, the app completely secure since it is lined with multiple layers of secure technologies.
It has been developed utilizing technologies like the 3D-secure payment gateway technology to ensure the highest standards of security while transac

It is currently available on the App Store and PlayStore.
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After downloading the app all you need to do is fill out the basic sign up form and you will be all set to use Smart Mediator.Check out the video to get a step-by-step walkthrough of the sign-up process *link*

Not at all, you can sign up completely free of charge.

No, the same sign-up process is the same for both buyer and seller.

Currently, we operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but we are hustling to expand our valuable service throughout the GCC region soon.

Debit Card and Credit Cards (Mada, VISA or MasterCard).

To add or remove a card, simply use the “Manage Cards” tab in the Smart Mediator App.

Yes, all the personal information such as Name, Number, Email Address and IBAN can be changed through “My Profile” tab in the application.

No, you can’t change your PIN Code once you have set it up during sign-up.

Use the “Transaction History” button on the Smart Mediator dashboard to view all your previous transactions. You can download this history for any selected duration.

Once signed in, you can use the “Change Password” button on “My Profile” to reset your password.

Click on the forgot password option on the Sign-In screen to recover your password.

Seller FAQs

As a seller, Smart Mediator protects you against scams or frauds by potential buyers.

Anyone with an active bank account can sell through Smart Mediator.

A PR is a digitally generated order that a buyer sends a seller through the smart mediator platform. It includes order details such as amount, order details, and delivery date.

No, you do not require a commercial registration to sell using Smart Mediator.

The funds will be transferred to your provided bank account.

An IBAN is mandatory to be added since the paid amount will be transferred using the provided Iban once the transaction is completed successfully.

Usually, 1 – 2 business days.

In case the returned product is damaged then please contact our customer care at 9200.

Any PR that is unattended for more than 24 hours will be automatically nullified.

Any products or services which are not prohibited in KSA.

You can either accept or decline the cancellation request by buyer. Based on which, the buyer will be refunded, or a dispute will be raised respectively.

Buyer FAQs

You can use Smart Mediator to purchase from any unknown seller with peace of mind. Initiate a new transaction by searching the seller’s mobile number and Nogodi PIN Code. Generate a purchase request and enjoy a secure and guaranteed transaction.

When initiating a transaction just enter the phone number and Nogodi PIN Code provided by the seller and you will be able to see all the seller’s details.

You can add your debit/credit card to make purchases via Smart Mediator app.

My Orders > Select Order > Request Order Cancellation > Confirm.
Once you have requested order cancellation, the seller will be informed in order to process the order cancellation.

Please visit the below link to read our detailed refund policy. (LINK TO REDIRECT)

The team of legal experts at Nogodi goes through each dispute case by case, resolving them in accordance with the Saudi Commerce and Trade Laws.

Incase you’re unhappy with any of our dispute resolutions please feel free to contact us at our customer care team (LINK TO REDIRECT). We will be glad to serve you.

Incase the seller has mis-committed over your purchased product, you can simply dispute the delivery, and Smart Mediator will take care of your concerns.

You will have 24 hours to raise a dispute after any product is delivered.